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M. Lee Morse

President, Co-founder, Iatrogen, LLC

M. Lee Morse has over 25 years of experience in the managed health care/cost containment/outcomes research industry. Lee is an industry leader in the design and execution of clinical strategies to measure health outcomes and promote the quality of pharmaceutical therapies. He pioneered the use of insurance claims data for conducting pharmaco-epidemiologic research. Lee designed the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA’s) Medicaid population-based post-marketing surveillance system and also developed pharmaceutical monitoring systems, which have provided clinically oriented drug outcomes monitoring and research for over 20 million people throughout the United States and Europe.

In addition to providing pharmaceutical benefit design and strategic health outcome consulting to the insurance industry (Metropolitan Life, Equitable, Prudential, John Hancock), Lee developed pharmaceutical cost containment and outcomes intervention programs for clients, including General Motors, Chrysler Corporation, Goodyear, McDonnell Douglas, and the Ford Motor Company. He has designed and conducted pharmaceutical outcomes and adverse drug reaction (ADR) studies for many of the major international pharmaceutical manufacturers, including Pfizer, Glaxo, SmithKline, Roche, Warner Lambert, Aventis, Johnson & Johnson, Pharmacia, Amgen, and American Home Products. His federal sector clients include the FDA, Health Care Financing Administration, Public Health Service, and the Office of the Secretary of Health & Human Services. Lee has served as a consultant to the British Government involving pharmaco-economics and cost control, the Government of Poland regarding privatization of the pharmaceutical industry, and to the World Health Organization for post-marketing drug surveillance and drug utilization review systems.

Prior to his current position as President of Iatrogen, Lee was the Group Vice President of Orchid Bioscience, where he directed a team of geneticists, clinicians and system designers to build the first pharmaceutical intervention technology to incorporate genetic markers of ADR risk. Since 1980, he has been Chairman and CEO of The Mikalix Group, consisting of a number of companies, including PharMark Corporation, Mikalix & Company, euroPharMark, and now, Iatrogen. Prior to that, he served as Chairman of ValueRx, the PBM subsidiary of ValueHealth Inc (1987-1990), where he directed the growth of a $300 million pharmaceutical benefit company. Between 1976 and 1987, Lee was President and CEO of Health Information Designs, Inc., a pioneering company in the development of health information databases and clinical intervention technologies.

In 1995, Lee won the Smithsonian Award for Information Technology in Medicine and was awarded the Smithsonian Medal for the inclusion of his drug monitoring technology as a permanent part of the Information Technology exhibit in the Museum of American History. Lee had an adjunct appointment in drug epidemiology at Georgetown University School of Medicine (1984-1989), served on the Hahneman Commission on Pharmaceutical Bioequivelancy (1987-1990), served on the Kiel Commission on European Health Data Integration (1986-1988), and as a grant reviewer for the National Institutes of Health (1983-1990). He has authored over 50 articles and two textbook chapters on pharmaco-epidemiology and therapeutic drug utilization review.

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